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Manzanita, Whiteleaf (Arctostaphylos viscida), packet of 30 seeds

Family:  Heath (Ericaceae)
Hardiness: to -10 degrees F
(Whiteleaf Manzanita) Woody perennial native to the California and Oregon.  Very tough and resilient mountain dweller with red bark and rounded, whitish leaves. Drought tolerant.  Excellent habitat shrub to enliven small birds and other wildlife, making many twisted branchlets that serve as bird perches, and bearing gobs of flattened, reddish-brown berries that have a sugary flesh and contain the nutritious seeds.  Herbally, the leaves are used to make an excellent astringent wash to treat poison oak or ivy, or other inflammatory skin conditions.  The ripe berries can be rubbed through a screen, and the resulting sugary powder used as a sugar substitute on cereals or in drinks, etc.  Plant prefers full sun and excellent drainage for its roots.  Scarify seed vigorously and plant in the fall for germination in the spring.  Another option is to scarify seed and place in moist medium in refrigerator (not freezer) for 60 daus, then plant in a good greenhouse or under grow lights, which does eventually result in seedlings but may take months.  We have tried both methods with good results.  Work up seedlings in gallon pots for a year or two before transplanting to landscape. Space at least 4 feet apart. 30 seeds per packet

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