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Meadowsweet* (Spirea ulmaria) potted plant, organic

Meadowsweet (Spirea ulmaria)
(syn Filipendula ulmaria)
Family:  Rose (Rosaceae)
Hardiness:  All temperate Zones
Herbaceous perennial to about 4 feet.  Native to temperate Europe and Asia.  Multiple, arising from a spreading crown with delicate, ferny leaves, the flowering stalks  bear masses of creamy flowers smelling like honey and mead.  We specialize in this plant, which gives copious quantities of flowers that make a safe and effective analgesic tincture or tea. One of the most revered of all medicinal herbs from the European tradition.  Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving, the plant is the source of salicylic acid.  The word "aspirin" was invented as a conjuncton of the Latin "a spirea" meaning "of Spirea."  Plant prefers rich, moisture retentive acidic loam, plenty of water, and a part shade to full sun exposure.  Our plants are in deep pots and have been grown in moist shade conditions.  They may be potted up to gallons on receipt, or planted directly into the garden.  For gardeners in cold zones, purchase plants in fall and greenhouse, or purchase in spring and plant directly to the moist garden bed.  For gardeners in maritime west, gulf states, and warmer zones, it will be fine to plant our starts immediately to the moist garden, where they will thrive. Organically grown potted plant.


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