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Sage, Pitcher (Salvia spathacea), packet of 10 seeds, organic

(Hummingbird Sage, Pitcher Sage)
Evergreen, clumping  perennial flowering to 3 feet.  Native to the California Central Valley and Southern California.  Easily one of the most sought-after sages worldwide, the plant is pineapple aromatic and covered with oil glands.  The very robust flowering cola can be as thick as your wrist. The flowers occur in thick whorls--elongated, magenta, and highly attractive to hummingbirds.  Plant prefers sun to part shade, moderate water, and is hardy to down to 10 degrees F.  The plant thrives in the dry shade of oaks or pines.  Seeds 3-5 times larger than most sage species (e.g. S. officinalis, S. apiana) and quite rare in the trade.  10 seeds per packet Note on Germination: Unscarified seed came up in 14 days and ongoing at 65 degrees F.  Volcanic germinator with fat cotyledons and leaves purple variegated--the royalty among sages--I know of no Salvia that is more desireable.  Richo

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