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Sagebrush, Common (Artemisia tridentata), packet of 200 seeds

Sagebrush, Common (Artemisia tridentata)
Family:  Asteraceae
Hardy to 10 degrees F.
Woody perennial bush native to Western US and Canada.  Soft, silvery, grey-green, resinous and aromatic, the branches are plucked, partially dried, and bundled to make traditional smudge sticks.  Purifying fumigant and spiritual adjuvant.  Leaf tea used medicinally against toothache, colds and fevers--makes an antiseptic gargle.  Plant prefers dry, sandy slopes and full sun.  Excellent drainage necessary.   Sow very small seed on the surface of sandy soil in early spring and press in hard.  Keep moist until germination, which I found in my tests can take as long as 30 days.  Spotty germ is typical--seed contains lots of inhibitors.  Flowers yellow to 8 feet in the right circumstances, but the plants shown here are about 10 years old, growing in Southern Oregon, and they are only about 2 feet tall.  200 seeds/pkt open pollinated

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