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Medicinal Plants of the Southern Appalachians by Patricia Kyritsi Howell

This book constitutes a giant piece of chinking in what was up to this time a gaping crack in the modern herbalism of the Southern Appalachians.  Regional herbals are helpful because they give us an understanding of how local people use local plants--in this case information that is grounded, realistic and helpful.  Also, regional herbals tend to discuss herbs that are not readily found in other texts, and this is certainly the case with Patricia's work.  For instance, she covers Dogwood, Indian Pipe, Mountain Mint, Rabbit Tobacco, Spiny Aralia, Sweetfern, Hydrangea and Yellowroot, along with a score of other (perhaps more commonly recognized) herbs. A simple explanation of medicine making tells you what you need to know to make use of this book and to make use of the herbs described in it, and she really likes tea, which puts her on my good side right away.  For each herb, she gives a general description, related species, habitat, key actions, traditional and current uses, harvesting, preparation and dosage, all presented in a clear and uncomplicated format. And, Patricia is generous with some precious heirloom recipes as well, including: Boneset Syrup, Elder Rob Syrup, Evening Primrose Poultice, Lobelia Liniment and Wild Cherry Cough Syrup. Excellent glossary, resource section, bloom calendar, harvest calendar, quick-reference therapeutic index and a well-executed general index. 

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262 pages, soft cover, large type, no illustrations--a very smart, spare, comely and satisfying work.

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