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Amla Tree* (Emblica officinalis) potted plant, organic

Deciduous tree.  Native to India and hardy to about 30 degrees F.  Protect from frost.  If leaves fall off, this is a normal seasonal occurrence.  Trees that are subjected to too much cold may die back to the root, and regrow from the root months later.  Do not prematurely discard Amla trees that have no leaves--this happens to them in nature!!!!
Amla trees are beautiful, with feathery-leaved branches and a holy presence.  Amla bears a fruit that is among the highest in vitamin C among all fruits worldwide.  This fruit is one of the ingredients of the GI fortifying formula known as Triphala, probably the most used and most useful and most well-known formula from the ayurvedic tradition.  This formula has a profound normalizing effect on the digestion, expels toxins from the body, and as such can create an ironclad foundation of health, where before there was a corroding cement slab.  I have fielded reactions from people taking this formula, their complaint being that it caused diarrhea, but actually, how do they think the toxins will otherwise leave their body?  Would they prefer the toxins to leave through their skin?  I think not.  Diarrhea means the formula is doing its work. 
The plant prefers regular soil and water, sun to part shade, and does well at elevation, as long as it isn't too cold.  They do well in  pots, placed on the patio or in the greenhouse during the summer and brought in in the winter.

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