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Beetberry (Chenopodium capitatum), packet of 100 seeds, organic

(Strawberry spinach, Raspberry chenopodium)
Family:  Chenopodiaceae
Days to maturity: 40 to 60
Growing to only about 8 inches tall, the sweeping branches bear many soft leaves and are studded with multitudes of berries.  Sweet but strange, bright red, heavily seeded berries occur all along the stems of this lamb's-quarters-like plant. The berries make a colorful and edible accent in the garden and in salads.  The greens are deliciously edible in salads or as a pot herb.  Best yet, the parsnip-like roots are crispy, sweet, and delicious, white but marbled with beet red, with just a hint of beetiness to the taste, and may be consumed fresh or cooked in soups.  This last fact was discovered by the ever-roving mind and fingers of our gardener, Erich, who has been known to discover new, delicious, and nontoxic edibles in unexpected places.  Plant prefers full sun to part shade and regular garden soils. Sow in spring.  Easy germination.  100 Seeds/pkt, Certified Organically Grown

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