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Hen and Chicks* (Sempervivum tectorum) bare-rooted plant, organic

(Hen and Chicks)
Extremely cold hardy succulents.  These are in the stonecrop family, making perfect mandalas of bright green to red, succulent leaves. They are best placed between rocks in the rock garden, and prefer full sun and sandy or perfectly drained soils. This is the most frost-hardy of the genus. Edible astringent to the mucous membranes, consumed fresh. The "mother hen" will soon produce .  This bareroot rosette that can easily be nestled into dryish soil in the full sun and will root in and begin to produce offspring that root in on their own, encircling her lifegiving form.  Organic

Sempervivum will the rock garden enliven
They grow real fast if you full sun and fast drainage provide-um
Known as roof house leeks among the simple folk
They grow in the sod, you know (sometimes they live, and sometimes they croak)

Common Houseleek (Hen and Chicks) (Sempervivum tectorum)  Semper = Always, Vivum = Living.  Probably the commonest of outdoor hardy succulents, this plant has been closely associated with human habitation since antiquity.  Requiring little or no soil and storing water, nutritive and medicinal energy in its plump leaves, it is the mainstay of the "living roof" and is said to protect the house from lightning and fire, which does indeed make sense.  I find them pleasant to chew, slightly lemony and definitely astringent to the mucous membranes.  They are an antiinflammatory treatment for sore throat and infection.  I used to bring some in my pocket when I went on lecture circuit, to tighten the mucous membrane in case I suffered from minister's sore throat.  Externally, the juice may be applied as a sort of second rate aloe, effective for treating sunburn, old burns, stings of insects, and if applied to the temples, sometimes an effective treatment for headache.  Relatively challenging to grow from seed.  The seed is tiny, and good horticultural technique is a prerequisite.  Relatively easy to grow from a cutting, you just nestle it down into any crack and it'll take hold.  By the way, it won't make your house "leek."  The word leek has an ancient origen meaning houseplant.  Keep these little succulents close to home.  They are really sweet companions. 


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