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It is best to order through this website (log in first).  Payments for shopping cart orders are processed through, a secure portal.  We never see your credit card number.  Payments occur immediately when you finalize your order.  You do have other options:

Order by Phone, Mail or Fax

We're open for your phone order MON-SAT 8:30 to 5:00, SUNDAYS 8:30-3:00, Pacific Time.  In fact, we'll take orders any way you can get them to us (mail, fax, phone, online), but please, please, oh pretty please, here's what we need: 

1) items ordered
2) delivery address
3) payment (Credit card number, Cash, Money Order, Checks payable in US Dollars)

All at one time and in one place! 


We do not hide who we are.  We are:


Horizon Herbs, LLC
PO Box 69
Williams, OR 97544 USA
Phone:  (541) 846-6704
Fax: (541) 846-6233


Please note:  Once your order is confirmed, it is up for shipment--no additions, changes or cancellations are possible.

Domestic shipping for up to $15.00 worth of seed packets is $2.90.  
Shipping to Canada for up to $15.00 worth of seed packets is $3.90.
Shipping to all other countries for up to $15.00 worth of seed packets is $5.80. 
Shipping charges go up from there, according to the shopping cart on this website and the shipping charts published with our current paper catalog. 


We ship plants within the US only, and only during the months of April through July, then again September through December.  Orders received outside these months will be backordered and sent in season.

If you choose a PLANT* (marked with a *), shipping costs are as follows:
1 to 6 PLANTS* will ship for $14.90
7 to 8 PLANTS* will ship for $19.90 (The shipping may be more if you buy other things in addition to plants.) 
For 9 or more PLANTS* or if ordering plants NOT marked with a *, plants will be shipped via UPS. 

Please choose the appropriate shipping for your order.  Choosing the appropriate shipping will ensure that your items arrive promptly!  If you do not choose the appropriate shipping for your order, then we put your order to the side and start trying to contact you to let you know what the actual charges are, you may experience 2 charges on your credit card, there will be a delay in shipping your order, in other words, it's a mess!  So please, please choose your shipping carefully according to these directions:
If ordering seed packets only, choose "Seed packets only."  If ordering pounds of seeds, books, herbs, incense, tinctures or other things, choose "Lbs, books and things."  If your order contains plants, here is how to choose the correct option:  If your order contains EVEN ONE tall plant (not marked with an asterisk), then if you are in the Western States (WA, OR, CA, MT, ID, UT, AZ, ND, WY, CO) choose "Tall plants to Western States via UPS ground."  If your order contains a tall plant and you are in the Central or Eastern States then choose "Tall plants to Eastern States via UPS 3-day."  If your order contains only roots, seeds and roots, or only short *plants (marked with an asterisk), then choose "Plants (with asterisk) or roots via priority mail."  If your order contains roots, or tall plants, or plants with an asterisk, AS WELL AS seed packets, pounds of seeds, books, herbs, incense, tinctures or other things, then choose PLANTS shipping.  If your order contains short plants and tall plants then you have to choose shipping for tall plants.  If you are an international customer (outside the United States) then please choose the appropriate international shipping options.  We do not ship roots, plants or tinctures outside the US. 

Ginseng, Goldenseal, Black and Blue Cohosh, Wild Yam, Bloodroot, in short all the forest dependent medicinal herb dormant roots that do best planted in the fall are shipped only between September and December.  Comfrey is shipped year-round.   


International means all countries other than the United States.  We ship seeds internationally with great success.  Most seed companies in the US will not ship internationally, but we are all part of a world community of growers, so why all the boundaries? Our books and our prayers are also available internationally.


We ship seeds internationally every day of the year.  Dried seeds only are available internationally, and we have many satisfied customers. 
Fresh seeds in stratification (moist medium) are not available internationally.  These are marked [INTL NO]
We cannot ship live bulbs, tubers, roots or plants outside the US. 
We do not ship tinctures (liquid herbal extracts) outside the US.
We do not accept responsibility for successful receipt of seeds sent internationally.  No replacements or refunds.  We do not provide phytosanitary certificates.  

Australian and New Zealand customers please note:  Yes, we do put the Latin name on all packets.  Yes, the seeds are cleaned to a very high level of purity. You are nonetheless advised to check with AQIS or MAFBNZ before making an order.  We do not check, and disallowed species may be confiscated.  We cannot accept responsibility for the actions of AQIS or MAFBNZ, and will not replace or refund any seed shipments sent to Australia or New Zealand.

Yes, we definitely ship tinctures, seeds, bulbs, tubers, roots and plants to Hawaii.