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Cascara Sagrada Trees

Cascara Sagrada* (Rhamnus purshiana) potted tree, organic
Cascara Sagrada* (Rhamnus purshiana) potted tree, organic

Delivery starts April 1, 2015  ( Chittam, Chittum, Sacred Bark ) Small to midsized deciduous tree.  Native to the western coast of North America and the Rocky Mountains and hardy to -40 degrees F. The bark is gray or whitish and warty; it tends to harbor lichens.  In the spring the tree unfolds its prominently veined leaves, then forms the cup-shaped greenish flowers that give way to the large, round, jet-black drupes. The cured bark is the source an anthroquinone laxative, and is actually used in great quantity to make the product "X-Lax," the chocolatey confection with the surprising aftereffects.